The Natural Thyroid Doctor


I went to a seminar and signed up to have tests done. I’m feeling great. I don’t have the symptoms. I don’t have the fatigue anymore. If you’re suffering from any of the things you hear on the radio, he can help you. Listener Dan Saylor

I had been struggling with thyroid issues for over 10 years, been to a regular doctor and never felt good. Now that I’ve been going through the process with Dr Sladic, … I have so much energy. Now… I feel better. Wow! This is what life is supposed to be like! Listener Melissa

Dr Sladic wants you to recognize the symptoms of low thyroid: cold hands, cold feet, low energy, thinning hair, digestive issues and hormonal imbalances. Come to Dr Sladic’s free seminar for my listeners! Chris Stevenson, The Morning Light

 All WMUZ listeners who come to Dr. Sladic’s seminar will receive a free copy of his book, ‘Doctor’s guide to end your thyroid problems: discover what your doctor is missing’

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