Grace Centers of Hope


I was lost in self-addiction…I ended up in jail and lost everything. My children live with me now, and I get to be a mom again, and the kind of mom I’m meant to be.. we teach our children that God is Number One. Mary at Grace Centers

I was struggling, lost and empty, attempting to ease the pain with self-medication. In this program, I finally found God. I’ve allowed God to heal the hurts and disappointments of my past so I can be the Dad and father my kids love. Matt at Grace Centers

I was homeless, living in a van, addiction to heroin for eighteen years. When I finally accepted God, my life changed. Brad at Grace Centers

Whether you help Grace Centers by donating household items, helping renovate a house, or simply by writing a check, you are transforming lives by the gospel of Jesus Christ! Chris Stevenson, The Morning Light

Disabled persons requiring assistance with the Public File should contact:
Linda Martens (313) 272-3434 ext. 135