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Having to solve a roofing issue for your home or church means solving a lot of challenges that make up the whole roofing problem – things like:

  • Of all the roofing options out there (asphalt, terracotta tile, metal of various kinds), which do we get? What if it’s, well, kinda ugly after it’s installed?
  • Where are we going to get the best value? How can we be sure we’re being good stewards with our money?
  • And what roofing contractor should we use?

We understand.

Here's what we'd say to you

American Metal Roofs example 3One, going the “cheap” route, meaning the lowest cost at the time of purchase, is really the most expensive. We mean, unless you’re planning on selling your home or church building in the next few years, any asphalt roof you buy will likely last ten or twelve years. Two of those, and you’d have paid more than what you would have paid for one metal roof in the first place. We wouldn’t call that being a good steward, would you? An American Metal Roof is guaranteed for 50 years.

Tremendous value, obviously good stewardship. Check.

American Metal Roofs example 1Two, American Metal Roofs are amazingly attractive, if we do say so ourselves. The range of colors and styles is well beyond what you’ll find with asphalt roofs, which generally come in white-ish, black, and shades of grey or brown. Okay, but how about shades of red, or blue, or green, too? Those are among the options with an American Metal Roof.

So, beauty. Check.

And three, what about the roofing company itself? Truthfully, there are plenty of very fine roofers, but how many of them say this:

“American Metal Roofs was conceived and built on three deeply held core values. First, God as the creator and provider of all things and the ultimate source of moral clarity. Second, Family as God’s living model for a free and self-governing society. Third, Business as God’s plan for the fair exchange of goods and services, and man’s platform for creative expression to God’s Glory.”

— Frank Farmer

Founder and president of American Metal Roofs. 

American Metal Roofs example 2

Christian values. Check.

So, it seems to us that all those problems are solved with one roofing contractor: American Metal Roofs.

An American Metal Roof is the last roof you’ll ever need to buy. You expect your home or church to last, make sure its roof does, too.

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From their Flint headquarters, American Metal Roofs will go anywhere in Michigan to help you

Metal Church Roof Installation Services

Is your church in need of a new roof?

American Metal Roofs specializes in working with churches to keep their buildings in good condition. If you need a church roof replacement, turn to American Metal Roofs for an expert and customized touch.

A member of their team will be happy to meet with you and all decision makers to go over the benefits of a metal church roof replacement. Furthermore, AMR is known for their experience working with churches to solve their unique roofing problems and to educate members about the long-term protection that an American Metal Roof offers.

Use the form above to contact American Metal Roofs, or call (810) 672-6305.

In the meantime, you can download the Church Leader’s Guide to Roofing. Just click or tap the button below.


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