Step 1: Create demand
Step 2: Capture demand
Step 3: Deposit the money
Step 4: Repeat

We’ve reinvented radio advertising for the 21st Century with WMUZ Radio Plus. While it is true that our listeners are already further down the sales pipeline simply because you’re on our air, their seeking to do business with you doesn’t happen by accident.

Radio Plus explained in three minutes

We want to work with Metro-Detroit area small and medium businesses like yours to develop an end-to-end advertising-to-sales strategy, containing the right messages, said the right way, aimed at the right audience. We’re business people like you who know that money invested in advertising and marketing has to produce a real, tangible, dollar-driven result. We explain how and why we do it in this accompanying video.

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On the Air

Custom Production

The centerpiece of your campaign is professionally crafted radio commercials designed to produce real, tangible, dollar-driven results, written and produced by some of the most talented and results-oriented writer-producers in the nation.

Host Endorsement

You gain the weight and endorsement of the radio station and our program hosts. The fact is, when the host says he believes in your product or service, the audience responds.

Highly Targeted Audiences

Each of our main live and local program dayparts reaches different demographic segments.  As part of our discovery process, we want to understand who your customer is, so we can match that to the right program. After all, we want to talk to folks who are likely to buy your product or service.

Introductory Interview1

At the beginning of your campaign, the host of the show(s) you advertise on introduces you to the audience with a free on-air interview. You'd likely pay a lot of money for the same privileges elsewhere.

Separation and Exclusivity

One of the ways we showcase your advertising is to provide time separation from possible competitors1.  And with sufficient ad-spend, we can give you exclusivity in your category for the show(s) you're on.

Competitive Rates

Advertising on WMUZ means generating revenue and profit opportunities. So we price our offerings at a level that reflects their value, but at the same time are not out of line with the overall media market place. We think we offer true value to our clients.

1Certain conditions and restrictions apply. Ask for details.

No campaign works without a well thought-out strategy. Our process begins with in-depth conversations with you about your business goals and how to measure results. As a result of our discovery process, we’ll be able to discuss the best ways to use WMUZ to add to your bottom line. To schedule a meeting, just fill out the form below. Otherwise, to learn how we leverage the Web, keep reading.

A little background on our most popular programs

Chris Stevenson, 6am-10am, Mon-Fri
Click or tap picture for more
Bob Dutko, Noon-4pm, Mon-Fri
Click or tap picture for more
Chris Ayotte, 4pm-7pm, Mon-Fri
Click or tap picture for more

On the Web

Your Own Landing Page on wmuz.com2

We build custom pages for all long-term, on-air advertising clients on  This affords you a way to extend, enhance, and amplify your campaign, as well as providing one more mechanism for demand capture. Download the TopTen Reasons to Use a WMUZ Client Page.

2Annual contract and minimum purchase required. Ask for details.

Inclusion in Our Webstream

The audio that's heard on our live web-stream is the same audio that's heard on our air, which is to say we don't pre-empt or "cover" the ads on the web-stream as though it's going to a totally different audience. We don't care how they listen, so long as they do listen. Which means, you're heard by our whole audience, no matter how or where they listen.

Pre-rolls in the Web Stream3

Whenever someone opens our webstream audio, whether on our website or via our app, we run in equal rotation a 15-second pre-roll ad for each of our advertising partners who giving our listeners an additional reminder that they're part of the WMUZ advertising family.3

3Included with 4x/day or more with annual contract. Otherwise modest additional charge. Ask for details.

Leveraging Social Media

Because we want to be wherever our audience is, we leverage social media on your behalf whenever it makes sense. Sometimes that might take the form of a post that augments your current on-air campaign. Other times it might take the form of inclusion in a station promotion or event.

Listing on Our Directory

As a long-term advertising partner, you're listed on our advertising directory with your phone number and a link to your WMUZ landing page. Not counting the home page, in any given month our advertiser listing page is consistently the most or second most trafficked page on

Video Production4

There are times when it makes sense to produce a video to complement and extend the on-air campaign.  We’re equipped to create those campaign-related videos for use on your client page.

4Restrictions and conditions apply. Ask for details.

Featured in Our Newsletter

We produce a monthly newsletter that goes out to members of our loyal listener club. Coming on our air for the first-time constitutes news and therefore a profile of your business is included in that month's edition. The same is true for other newsworthy events related to your business while you're a client.

Co-branded Webinars

Some business types are conducive to holding seminars as part of their overall marketing. We’re happy to provide exclusive access to our audience with a WMUZ hosted and co-branded Webinar, if yours is the kind of business that would benefit from one.

Inclusion in Email Blasts

When campaign strategies require it, we can create specific email blasts to our Loyal Listeners Club on behalf of your company. Perhaps you’re having a sale and want to send out a coupon. An email blast might be the perfect tool.

What our current clients think

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Ready for a serious conversation?

Since by now you must be at least curious about how we might help you, the next step is to have a no-obligation consultation about what’s possible. Just fill out this form or call us at 313-272-3434, and we’ll have one of our account executives contact you to set up a meeting, either in-person or electronically, whichever you’re most comfortable with.

What to look forward to during our meeting — A thoughtful discussion about possible ways to create new revenue and profit for your business.

What NOT to look forward to — A pushy salesman trying every which way to get you to sign a contract before he or she walks out of your office. Frankly, we’re checking you out as much as you’re checking us out. So, unless and until we’re all agreed on everything, we won’t ask you to spend any money.


One of these folks will contact you:

Frank Franciosi
Frank Franciosi
General Manager
Kim McMonagle
Kim McMonagle
Senior Account Exec
Kim Corben-Radgens
Kimberly Radgens
Senior Account Exec
Keith Ward
Senior Account Exec

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103.5FM | WMUZ | The Light

Chris Stevenson on the air

Chris Stevenson has never been one to do things traditionally. At 19, with very little experience and no formal schooling in broadcasting, Chris walked into a Detroit radio studio unannounced and told the general manager he wanted to be on the radio. “The manager liked that I had some chutzpah and asked me to come back the next day to make a tape,” he recalls. “It was horrible! But he gave me some pointers and then he gave me a chance.”

During his four hours on the air, Chris strives to use the power of the station’s 50,000 watts to reach others for Christ. “We say our show is about ‘Real People, Real Ministry,’ ” he says. “One of the things we do regularly we call ‘Pay It Forward Detroit.’ ”Pay It Forward Detroit got its start in 2012 when Chris received a BP cash card in the mail along with a handwritten note saying to give it to caller 76 because someone needed it. Chris did just that and the caller’s story was very similar to the handwritten note he had received. “People got inspired and started sending me things to give away,” Chris says. “We bless people in the name of Jesus just because we can.”

When he’s not on air, you can find Chris spending time at one of his daughter Annalise’s chess tournaments, basketball or volleyball games, watching movies with his family or entertaining with wife Silvia at home. “I want to have a strong presence in Annalise’s life and empower her to become the best version of herself,” he says of his daughter. “I hear all these stories about people who say their father never told them they were loved. I don’t want any part of that.”

Call Chris in studio, weekdays between 6AM and 10AM at 313-838-1035

Email Chris anytime at

Bob Dutko

Bob is passionate about Christian apologetics. “I take complicated issues and translate them into everyday language,” he says. “I use science to logically prove what we as Christians believe, archaeology to prove the Bible is true and physics and science to prove Biblical Creation.”

After growing up in what today would be described as a religious cult in Columbus, Ohio, Bob turned to a life of sex, drugs, alcohol and demonic activities. It was while working at a restaurant when he was 19 that the manager invited Bob and his girlfriend, Jeannine, to a church service where they both responded to an altar call. “My mother was part of this cult and my father was a hardcore agnostic, so I didn’t know any Christians and had no clue what to do next,” Bob recalls. “I only knew I didn’t want to spend eternity in hell, so I cut my hair, bought a Bible, started going to church, and began the process of my Christian journey.”

Bob and Jeannine were baptized together and have been married since 1984. They have had one daughter and have six sons. Their daughter, Colleen, passed away in 2002 after collapsing inexplicably into Bob’s arms. Naturally,  Colleen remain an inextricable part of Bob’s story. “It gets a little easier over time, but I never stop missing her,” he says.

In his spare time, Bob enjoys public speaking engagements and devotes the rest of his time to his family.  “I believe I am right where God would have me right now,” he says. “I care about politics and about strengthening people’s faith in Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t feel fulfilled if I wasn’t doing this part of my job.”

Call Bob in studio, weekdays between noon and 4PM at 877-82-82-BOB

Email Bob anytime at

Chris Ayotte 4p-7p M-F

Chris Ayotte is a native metro-Detroiter from the northern suburbs. Growing up he was active in theater, choir and sports. Prior to joining WMUZ, he spent over 20 years in the corporate world in automotive sales and marketing. He held positions out West before coming back to the Motor City to launch new products. Chris and his wife share a blended family and are enjoying a whole new journey in life.

For his show, Chris is celebrating faith with an exclamation point (!), covering our modern lives through a Christian lens – news, lifestyle, and trailblazing personal stories with an upbeat take. With fresh enthusiasm, he shines a light on those making a difference for Christ nationally and locally, having fun along the way.

Chris is also known as a “Man of Many Voices,” performing shows with spot-on impressions of legendary celebrities and
singers. He occasionally pays tribute to legendary stars like Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and more. Chris is a regular at the annual Michigan Elvisfest where he hosts the Saturday Gospel Hour. He believes you can be a Christian AND an entertainer, bringing a refreshing alternative to those looking for wholesome entertainment.

Call Chris in studio, weekdays between 4PM and 7PM at 313-838-1035

Email Chris anytime at