Despite what the doctors say

Your symptoms are NOT in your head (they’re real)


The Body Healthcare is standing by to help you to heal with Christ-centered healthcare. Call 810-498-4760 or go to the fill out the form below to make an appointment and get your questions answered.

The healing you want is in your blood

When you get any injury from a paper cut to a traumatic brain injury, or get exposed to a cold, bacteria or a virus, your body uses a sequential orderly process (or loops) to heal itself. Each step has to be completed before the healing process can continue. But two things often happen:

  1. Through the years, your body gets stuck on a particular step (like the buffering wheel that pops up on your computer) so healing never happens.
  2. Your body works around the process that’s stuck to keep you moving. This gets repeated over and over and ultimately you develop serious conditions traditional medicine has no answer for.

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PRP therapy at The Body Healthcare

Dr. Avery Jackson, III, MDPRP therapy at The Body Healthcare begins by drawing blood out of your body. Then it separates, and concentrates platelets which were designed to help you heal. When those concentrated platelets are reintroduced into your bloodstream, it’s like they see the battleground of your body with fresh eyes. They’re energized and ready to send reinforcements where the healing needs to take place. The healing system of your body is restarted. It’s like hitting control/alt/delete on your desktop.

PRP therapy at the Body Healthcare reinforces and supports the healing system created by God. Dr. Jackson has seen PRP therapy bring relief to patients suffering from Long Haul Covid, Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hashimoto’s disease and more. The healing you’re looking for is in your blood. The first step is simple. Fill out the form on this page and we’ll get back with you shortly.

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Avery jackson

Our healthcare system has failed both patients and doctors alike.

— Avery Jackson, III, MD

Neurosurgeon, Author, Patient Advocate 

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