Get better sleep, overcome depression, reduce anxiety, get more energy, and improve memory and focus

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Better brain function


Since 2009, thousands of people have discovered Brian Life’s life-changing technologies right here in Southeast Michigan. The Brian Life Center uses these Neurotechnologies to improve overall brain function. They’ve helped WMUZ listeners and their families overcome sleep issues, depression and anxiety, childhood learning and behavioral issues, PTSD in veterans; professionals, and students looking for improved cognitive performance; the technology has helped all age groups, and it works safely, naturally, and without drugs.
Call 248-922-9490. Mention Bob and get 50% off your assessment.

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  • Safe / Comfortable / Non-Invasive / Non-Medical / Drug Free
  • Sleep deeper and wake energized with improved focus and concentration.
  • Feel a natural and effortless release of your physical and emotional stress.
  • Move through darker sad emotions into a healthy sustained happiness.
  • 120,000 people have discovered the many benefits of a self-optimized brain.
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After years of chronic insomnia, I went to the Brain Life Center. I have not had one sleepless night since!

— Bob Dutko

Host, The Bob Dutko Show, M-F Noon-4PM 

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