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Do your car a favor and park it on a Comer & Cross Premium Concrete Coated floor by calling 888-546-5781 or by going to Comer & Cross’s website.

It's a one-day process! Here's how it went at Bob's house

Early prep work
Prep work
final cleanup before first coat
Final prep before 1st coat
The finished product
  • Your concrete is FIXED like new first. All cracks and pits are filled and leveled. Curbs and corners are squared off.
  • The Comer & Cross product is applied and reapplied in several stages and completed with an anti-skid finish.
  • Customers who were going to do a COSTLY concrete floor replacement can now FIX THEIR EXISTING CONCRETE FLOOR PERFECTLY AND ALSO get a Comer & Cross concrete floor coating – BOTH in ONE DAY – at a fraction of the cost!

You can see a close-up of Bob’s newly finished floor below.

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Comer and Cross Truck.

Before and after at Bob's house.

after After
before Before

Basement jobIf it’s concrete and you walk on it, park a car on it, or put your patio furniture on it, Comer and Cross can coat it.

The same UV imperviousness, non-fading, perfectly installed with unmatched quality coatings that compliment the cars parked in your garage, will compliment the stuff in your basement, the furniture on your patio, the doormat on your porch,  and for that matter, your kid’s and guests’ cars parked in your driveway.

Get a hold of Comer & Cross Premium Concrete Coatings today to learn more about color choices, 0% APR financing for 12 months, and their 15-year warranty.


Almost from the time I met Comer and Cross co-owner Charlie Comer, I knew I had to have him do my garage floor.

Here’s a picture of the finished product installed by a great crew, led by installer Alex.

My and my wife’s cars are going to look great parked on our new Comer and Cross Premium Concrete Coated floor.

— Bob Dutko

Host of the Bob Dutko Show, Noon to 4PM, M-F 

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