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A tailored approach to auto immune diseases

Digestive issues, arthritis, diabetes, hair loss, thyroid problems, lupus, Krohn’s diseas, a weakened immune system even brain fog have one thing in common. They’re all manifestations of auto immune disease. Traditional medicine expects you to accept being too tired to play with your kids, thinning hair, embarrassing stomach issues, cold hands and feet…even in the summer. Their solution is to pump your body with more pharmaceuticals.

Spoiler alert.

Traditional medicine doesn’t handle auto immune diseases very well. They use generalities when a tailored approach is needed.

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“Your numbers are in the normal range; come back in six months and we’ll check you again.”

If you’ve been diagnosed with a thyroid problem, chances are good you’ve heard those words over and over. Dr. Julia heard the same thing before she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. It got so bad she thought she was losing her mind. Then she was introduced to natural, holistic God-created solutions that allowed her to reclaim her life. She made it her mission to help others. Dr. Julia has been sharing natural, holistic God-created solutions with Bob Dutko listeners for years. Over the years, Dr. Julia has helped more WMUZ listeners, including Bob and his wife, reclaim their health naturally. It’s why we call her the natural solutions doctor. She can help you, too.


Food AllergiesWe’re not talking about peanuts or even shell fish. We’re talking about unknown allergies. Whenever you eat food you’re sensitive to such as gluten wheat, barley rye, oats, dairy, eggs soy and yeast it can cause inflammation and in some cases trigger your immune system to attack your thyroid, opening the door to chronic conditions. Some reactions are obvious and happen immediately. Others are more subtle and last for weeks or even months. But, and this is key, unless you’ve been specifically tested for these five foods you’ll never know you have an allergy and you’ll never get to the root of your problem. This sort of detailed attention is what Dr. Julia specializes in at Rivers Chiropractic.

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We’re ready to help you get off the pharmaceutical merry go round and reclaim your health using natural, holistic God created solutions. Fill out the form on this page and let’s get started.

— Dr. Julia Rivers, DC

Owner, Rivers Chiropractic Center 

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