Stump the Apologist

Go ahead. See whether you can stump Bob Dutko about Christian Apologetics. We doubt you can.

Stump the Apologist

As an expert in Christian Apologetics, there is little to nothing Bob Dutko doesn’t know or can’t explain about Christianity, Faith and God. Ask him anything (scroll down for topic suggestions). The chances the answer is “beats me” are about as likely as evolution — zero and less than zero.

Here’s your chance to stump Bob Dutko with a feature we call, “Stump the Apologist.” where you can ask Bob the “tough questions” skeptics may have about our Christian faith. Bob will select a different question during each day’s show to read, then answer on the air.

The point is we want to help equip you with the answers they need when you’re asked those same questions by the skeptics and non-believers in your life.

Use the form to ask any and all the tough questions you’ve maybe heard from skeptics about a whole range of Apologetics topics Bob discusses every day.

Suggested topics:

    1. Tough Bible skeptic questions
    2. Any Creation vs Evolution questions
    3. Age of the Earth, Dinosaurs, Noah’s Ark, Carbon Dating, anything.
    4. Atheist arguments about God’s existence
    5. Jesus compared to other religions
    6. Resurrection questions
    7. Mormonism or Jehovah’s Witness
    8. Islam
    9. Ghosts, UFOs, New Age, Psychics, Superstitions or anything Paranormal.
    10. Any tough questions on Homosexuality, LGBT, Transgenderism, etc.
    11. Any tough questions regarding the Abortion debate
    12. Cultural issues and Christianity
    13. Political issues and Christianity
    14. America’s Christian Heritage – Separation of Church & State questions
    15. Any tough questions at all that skeptics may hit Christians with.

Stump the Apologist is brought to you as a public service by the Brighton Weight Loss Center.

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