Episode 224-Public Schools vs. Home Schooling Christian Children


 Recently, Randi Weingarten, the radical, Leftist, open lesbian President of the National Federation of Teachers-the largest U.S. teacher’s union–made herself a candidate for the 2023 “Clueless Award” by asking, “What’s behind the increase in homeschooling?”  This after

Let’s Be The Church


How can the Church address the opportunities right in front of us to reach a hurting world. How do we seize the day? Where can we adjust our focus? And More. Chris’s guests are Apostle Ellis Smith

Episode 221-2023 United States Elections


Episode 221-2023 United States Elections- Why did the GOP fare so poorly?  Is this a barometer for the 2024 election? What does it mean for next year? Are social issues proving to be a “loser” for Republicans,

Episode 220-REPLAY of Conspiracy Theories, episode 212


Please enjoy a replay of a previous National Crawford Roundtable podcast, Episode 212-Conspiracy Theories. How do we know what’s true, what’s not, and what constitutes a “conspiracy theory”?  Christians are often accused of being gullible and falling

What Can Christians Do?


Topics:  Isreal: How the church should be responding.  Growing anti-semitism, yet coupled with things like revival.  The abortion issue in Michigan and how Christians should be coming together as the Body of Christ. Guests:  Pastor Phil Krist,

Episode 218-The Israel/Hamas War


In this episode of the National Crawford Roundtable we discuss the Israel/Hamas War.  Should Israel launch a full-scale ground war in Gaza?  Should they take back Gaza?  Will the PR tide turn against Israel when images of

Episode 217-The Israeli Terror Attack by Hamas


In this episode of the National Crawford Roundtable the discussion is centered on the latest information available regarding the Israeli terror attack by Hamas, including various pro-Palestinian rallies worldwide.  The guys talk about the reported atrocities of