Christian Education


Education in America is in a sad state. That is especially so with higher education, colleges and universities.Traditional education, at every turn, is being challenged, reduced, or eliminated and new educational subjects take hold. Places of higher

The Woman – The Wife


He, the man who finds a good wife finds a good thing, so says the scripture.Any such man is blessed of the Lord when he finds the RIGHT woman and, in love, takes her as his wife.

Episode 246-All Things Gaza


Episode 246-All Things Gaza: In this week’s episode of the National Crawford Roundtable we look at how the events in Gaza affect the United States and the upcoming Presidential election.  What is the impact of Palestinian Occupiers/Protestors

The Fight


It is here now, this spiritual fight and the preliminary stages of the battle rage.The fight is with an enemy stealthy, sly, and determined. The enemy is an evil force, hateful, and determined to win this battle.