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Donating your car to Mother Waddles creates a win-win-win: You win by helping the charity in Detroit whose mission is and has been from the beginning helping the poorest of the poor. The people who are helped by Mother Waddles, well, it’s a given that they win. And you win again by getting the KBB Private Party Value of your vehicle as a tax deduction for the year you donate that vehicle.

So, please, donate today by calling 313-WADDLES or just fill out the form below.

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Follow this simple 4-step process

STEP 1: Complete the simple online donation form or simply call.

Mother Waddles is here to make your experience as quick and easy as possible. They’re available to call or you can fill out our online donation form, whichever works better for your situation.

Just provide some quick contact information about you and the vehicle you are interested in donating, and the Mother Waddles team gets the ball rolling right away.

STEP 2: Schedule a quick & FREE pick up

Within two days of your completed donation, Mother Waddles’s towing company will contact you to set up a pick up time that works best for you. They strive to make it as easy as possible for you.It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is running or not, the towing company can get your vehicle picked up as soon as possible. If you need an expedited pickup to remove the vehicle within 24 hours, that, too, can be arranged for.

STEP 3: Get the Kelly Blue Book Private Seller Value tax deduction

Mother Waddles uses your generous donation to help low income individuals with transportation, at a reduced price, which allows those car donors to deduct the KBB Private Party Value.You don’t have to worry about haggling a price for your vehicle like when you would sell it privately, Mother Waddles gives you a tax-deductible receipt for the donation. Even if your car is an old car, or junk car, running or not, it doesn’t matter, it will still help..

STEP 4: Most importantly, feel good knowing you’re helping those who need it the most

Knowing that your donation is going to help the most needy and unfortunate in our society is a reward in itself.Your vehicle donation will help Mother Waddles to provide food, hope and dignity to the down-trodden and disadvantaged in our community.

Feel good knowing you’re helping the poorest of the poor in Metro Detroit by donating your old vehicle to Detroit’s original car donation program, Mother Waddles.

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— Chris Ayotte

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