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I had Wills and Trusts Now!! do my estate planning, and I want you to have the same protection and peace of mind my family and I do.  That’s why I asked Ed to eliminate the price barrier for my listeners.  To get this kind of estate planning from another attorney as experienced as Ed Gudeman, you might have to spend upwards of $5,000. But because you’re a Bob Dutko listener, I’ve arraged for you to get a complete estate planning package — just like the one my wife and I have — for $1800 for a married couple, and $1400 for an individual.  Don’t delay. By the way, you can see exactly what you get below.

— Bob Dukto

Host of the Bob Dutko Show

To get the Bob Dutko price on a complete set of estate planning documents, call  248-546-2800.

A mere $1800 saves untold thousands in costs

We all know that sooner or later, we’ll each breath our last breath.  And most of us presume that day is years if not decades down the road.  Which is  why most of put  off preparing a comprehensive, and effective estate plan.  But what if some tragedy happens and you draw your last breath tomorrow as a result? Are you certain that you family won’t have to endure the time and expense of probating you estate, that everyone you love knows what your final wishes are? The only way to be sure is to have a effective estate plan — the kind that transfers your assets to the people whom you want to have them upon your passing.  The kind of estate plan that Bob Dutko got from Wills and Trusts now.

And to be sure the last remaining obstacle to your getting one, Bob has made sure that as one of his listeners, you get the Bob Dutko pricing from Wills and Trusts Now!!: Just $1,800 for a married couple, and $1,400 for a single person.

Get the Bob Dutko Pricing

Get a complete estate plan for the special prices of $1,400 for an individual, and $1,800 for a married couple*.

Trust Summary (everything in the Bob Dutko price)

  • Initial Personal Consultation
  • Professional Binder
  • Will (Pour Over) X2 for couples
  • Trust
  • Durable Power of Attorney X2 for couples
  • Health Care Power of Attorney X2 for couples
  • HIPAA Release Form X2 for couples
  • Certificate of Trust
  • Affidavit of Trust
  • Trust ID Cards X2 for couples
  • Trust Summary
  • Trust Funding Instructions
  • Assignment of Personal Property X2 for couples
  • Personal Property Memorandum X2 for couples
  • Summary of Names
  • Cover sheet for Binder
  • Funding Card for reference

Please specify you’re interested in the Bob Dutko pricing on a complete estate plan!


Save time. Fill out the questionnaire.

Here are the instructions for filling out the WATN estate planning questionnaire

To save time prior to your free consultation, you can download and open the PDF estate planning questionnaire.  You can type your information directly into the PDF.  If you don’t have the latest Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, download it here (if you’re using a phone or tablet, you can download Acrobat reader from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android)).

  1. Open the questionnaire in Adobe® Acrobat® Reader.
  2. Complete all questions that apply to you.  That gives Wills and Trusts Now the most complete picture to best complete your estate plan.  However, since this form is “all inclusive” please ignore any questions that don’t apply.  Be sure to call with any questions that you have at 248-546-2800.
  3. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, simply email it back to Gudeman & Associates, P.C. at (click the email icon in the Acrobat Reader app), accompanied by a copy of any real estate deeds that you may have and the other items referenced on Schedule A (included on the PDF).  Ed Gudeman will review them over the phone with you before proceeding with the drafting of your documents.

During your free consultation, you and Ed will discuss and decide the best route for you to take as far as the documentation is concerned, as well as answer any questions you may have.

Learn how estate planning works in the video below

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The fact is, for most people, a will simply is insufficient and will likely cause more unnecessary headaches and expenses, delay in your heirs getting what you want them to and more.  The Wills and Trusts Now!! webinar, presented by Ed Gudeman, founder and lead attorney for Wills & Trusts Now will explain what goes into a solid and effective estate plan.

— Bob Dutko

Host, The Bob Dutko Show, M-F Noon-4p 

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