Please enjoy a replay of a previous National Crawford Roundtable podcast, Episode 212-Conspiracy Theories.

How do we know what’s true, what’s not, and what constitutes a “conspiracy theory”?  Christians are often accused of being gullible and falling for conspiracy theories, is this true?  A few of the common conspiracy theories that Christians and non-Christians alike have fallen for include: Maui laser beams, Biden is dead and we’re seeing a body double, the Moon landing was faked, the Earth is flat, the Illuminati/Bilderberg Society/Matrix, etc. is secretly controlling the world, Bigfoot, Elvis/Hitler/JFK deaths are faked.  Some other information considered to be conspiracy theories but which may be true include: COVID was manufactured and released by China, COVID vaccines may not be safe, Jeffrey Epstein was murdered, Trump had the 2020 election stolen through fraud, Christians/Conservatives/Pro-Lifers are being targeted by government liberals, and there is a “Deep State” of corruption within the U.S. Intelligence Agencies.


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