In this episode of the National Crawford Roundtable podcast we discuss anti-Semitism, the hatred for Israel, and the Progressive Left's reluctance to condemn atrocities against Israeli women.  Karine Jean-Pierre refused to condemn U.S. Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal for her CNN interview where she created a moral equivalency between Hamas violently gang-raping Jewish women, and Israel.  Several weeks ago Representative Rashida Tlaib refused to condemn the beheading of Israeli babies.  The U.N. took 8 weeks to finally acknowledge and condemn the raping of  Israeli women, but only after conservative media pressure.  The rape reports are so horrendous that they involve women's pelvis' being broken, their female body parts being cut off, and more.  Progressive women's groups have also been mostly silent.  With the exception of a handful of isolated Democrats, the Democratic Party as a whole has refused to condemn their fellow Democrats for downplaying this evil against Israeli women, nor has Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Hakeem Jeffries, Nancy Pelosi, etc.  Why are college-age adults supporting  Hamas over Israel?  What is driving this hatred for Israel and the darkness that allows Progressive Americans not to be shocked or outraged by these kinds of atrocities?


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