Episode 229-The Changing Virtues in American Society: While most Americans no longer hold a biblical worldview regarding morals and values, neither do the majority of professing Christians.  The National Crawford Roundtable looks at this and several stories reported over the last few days that allow us to address this phenomenon.  The guys review the resignation of Harvard President Claudine Gay over plagiarism charges and the reasons her credentials went largely unchecked until now.  They also look into the in-depth analysis of the fact that more Progressives are changing their tune on the National Debt, wondering if there might be such a thing as too much of it.  And what about a new report that Gen Z young adults have given up on the so-called “American Dream” and are more apt to adopt an “enjoy life now’ mentality rather than build for the future?  Is hard work no longer an American virtue?  If so, how do Christian Conservative Americans work to reverse this trend?  How is this impacting the Church and the professing Christian community on the whole?

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