If you were born, human being created by God Almighty, between the years 1997-2012 you are a member, like it or not, of the newest generation in America:
You would be of the age 11-26.
Therefore, you are so informed, you and your Gen-Z compatriots have little if any interest in RELIGION, whatever that means. In the extreme, perhaps that means you have no interest in faith, or no faith in your life. Do you?
I personally know a multitude of young, wonderful people that age, who are strong, passionate:
Do you?
And more, you Gen-Z’er. You have little interest in patriotism, so these progressive pundits say. You are not willing to protect and defend your country, your freedoms, your constitution, in fact, your way of life. If you are 30 and under, is that you? Do you have little concern, love, passion, or commitment to your country, to the America in which you are blessed to live? Is that you?
Some of the most Passionate Patriots I know are THE YOUNG, 30 and under. They know what the real America is all about and are willing to do whatever it takes to protect this country, its freedoms, and their way of life, in any way possible. Is that you?
Don’t you just despise generalities like that?
And, you Gen-Z’er, you have little or no interest in marriage and virtually no interest in having children. Is that you? I know any number of wonderful people 30 and under who are married with children, raising families with the blessing of God, and I am privileged to have any number of them in my very own company. Do you eschew marriage and do you, man or woman, not wish to have children of your own? Such generalizations for millions of young people are ludicrous, inaccurate, false, and even
fraudulent and perhaps politically purposeful in a very negative way.
And even more. You are supposedly a member of a generation that has a very poor
work ethic, cares more about self rather than others, and is negative, critical, and
indifferent to the norms of society, and the morality of the past. Is that you?
Again, I know dozens and dozens of human beings, God-created, 30 and under, who
are exactly the opposite.
The real YOUNG PEOPLE of today are people of faith. They have strong faith in Jesus
Christ, living out that faith in a passionate young way. They are patriots believing in
the real America, working to change and solve its problems, all the while protecting its
fundamental concepts of freedom, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, equality, and
justice for all. They are married or will be. They will then have children, God willing.
The real young Americans, the real Gen-Z’ers are workers, people of strong work ethic
and commitment, workmen and work women, worthy of their hire. Those are the Gen-
Z’ers I know, and like, and respect, and have the highest hopes for turning over my
America to them and not the stereotypes, negative and demeaning, individuals who
woke, progressive, radical, anti-Americans described and categorized in such negative
You and I, human beings, all, were created by the God of the universe, the Father of
our Lord Jesus Christ, as unique individuals. There is no human generalization or
categorization which can apply to any of us. Every human being thinks differently,
more or less. Believes differently, more or less. Lives life differently. Works and plays
differently. Worships differently. EVERY HUMAN BEING IS DIFFERENT! He or she is
not Gen-Z, not millennial, not baby-boomer, not a member of the so-called silent
generation, but a unique, specially crafted, INDIVIDUAL, different from any other and
striving to be better in every way. Those are the young, the 30 and under I know,
respect, and believe in. If you are of that age, privileged to be young, with many more
years of productive life to live, I pray that you are:
That you will be all that you can be and that you will never fall victim to some
generation, age, or category classification. Just like so many of those RIGHT young
people 30 and under whom I know so very well, productive, faithful, patriotic, believers
in marriage and children, and with a work ethic as good as anyone anywhere. I
personally thank God for every individual male and female in my company, 30 and
under, who brings fresh vision, commitment, passion, the dynamic of youth, and the
love for:
the twin pillars of the right, ethical, and moral life. If you are 30 or under, I pray that
is you. We should be about the business of encouraging the young, educating and
edifying, for they are the ones who will replace us, live in a world and an American
society far different from ours, face challenges not before faced, and be responsible to
our God with risks and rewards intensified as never before. They will battle an enemy
internal, determined to destroy and seize power, control, and demand conformity.
Their faith in God and Country will be challenged like never before. The courage the
young will need will increase day by day and it is absolutely critical that their vision be
clear, bold, and steadfast, just like that which so many young 30 and under in my
company exhibit and live by.
The young who inherit America must have a new grit, a rekindled passion, and a
mental fortitude that allows them to endure intimidation, threat, even violence, and of
course criticism, backlash, slander, and opposition. They will be tested like never
before, tested like we of previous generations never experienced.
Thankfully, I know many, many young people 30 and under who are that way,
TOUGH. They are ready for the fight of faith. They are anxious to run the race and win
the prize. In them, there is no quit, no give-up. They will not be bullied or intimidated.
They know in whom they have believed, and they are persuaded that HE IS ABLE and
together, they are invincible.
They, the real young, are biblically guided. They are Holy Spirit-led. They know right
from wrong. They learn, grow, and work for the night is coming. This generation of
young Americans has the God-given potential to be the best of any, THE BEST! It has
to be because the challenges have never been greater. I have seen enough of the right
thinking, right living, and right believing young Americans, 30 and under, young
human beings, GOD-CREATED to whom I’d gladly turn over my beloved country and
to whom I pledge my allegiance as they FIGHT THE FIGHT OF FAITH. I only wish I had
the years they have to serve God and Country.
Encourage them, WE THE OLDER. Support them, give to them. Guide them. Advise
them. Share wisdom. For in them, ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD, in the
purpose and rule of God, and for the incredible America in which we and they have
been privileged to live.
Categories and stereotypes are dead wrong, DEAD WRONG! There is purpose,
meaning, and individuality for every human being, no matter the age. YOU ARE YOU!
May every privileged young person 30 and under be all that he or she can be as God
intended. The more of them I know, the better. The more of them who work for CBC,
the better. For, my fellow Americans, there is only one category that matters. And that
is whether one is fully committed to Jesus Christ, born again, saved by Grace. That
category is real Christian:
No other category matters, none.

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