Thanksgiving with WMUZ

To benefit Abigayle Ministries


Thanksgiving with WMUZ
To Benefit Abigayle Ministries

Since 1997 Abigayle Ministries has supported young mothers who chose life after discovering they were pregnant. Through a two-year course these young mothers are first introduced to Christ and then given the opportunity to learn how to be loving, caring mothers. For the past two years WMUZ has been proud to partner with Abigayle in the front lines of saving lives.

This Thanksgiving we’re asking you to join us by supporting Abigayle in one of two ways:


Become a mentor

One of the biggest challenges for these young mothers is learning how to be a loving, caring mother when often they’ll not experienced that in their lives. As a mentor thru Abigayle Ministries you could help these strong women navigate things in life many take for granted. Such as how to pay a bill, get license plates, signing up for college classes and more. It’s really the things you teach your own kids. If God is speaking to you about this opportunity fill out the form on this page and a staff member from Abigayle will get in contact with you and start the process.

Get a gift card

Kroger Gift CardIn the time Abigayle has been on the air, many listeners wanting to help have dropped off clothes, diapers, blankets and more. Although all these gifts are deeply appreciated they take up space. With a handful of mothers and babies under one roof you can understand that space is at a premium. But you can help Abigayle meet the daily needs that come up with a gift card. Gift cards can be used to buy gas, food, toilet paper, paper towels, all the things your household needs on a daily basis. God can use your gift card to meet the challenges a day may bring. The preferred gift cards (in no partcular order) are

  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • Kroger
  • Meijer
  • T.J. Maxx
  • Visa/Mastercard (Pre-paid)
  • Walmart

Right now the supply of gift cards at Abigayle is so low they may not have enough to last thru the end of the year. Your gift card will help a mother feed her new baby. So any amount, even 15 or 20 dollars is wonderful. But if we’re being honest some people are in a position to be very generous. If that’s you, please buy as any cards, in whatever amount you feel God is leading you to purchase. Let’s take this opportunity to show these mothers they made the right choice when they decided to choose life and keep their babies. You can send your gift cards to:

WMUZ Radio

12300 Radio Place

Detroit, MI 48228

Attn: Abigayle Gift Cards

Thank you and happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Abigayle Ministries.

Visa Gift Card

Send your gift cards to us, and we’ll forward them to Abigayle Ministries.

Helping pregnant moms choose life in every possible way

Abigayle Ministries is a Christian interdenominational non-profit organization in Southeast Michigan. The ministry assists adult pregnant women and their children by introducing them to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and equipping them to be self-sufficient through its residential housing program.

If you’d like to donate to Abigayle Minsitries, you can go here to do so.

Carolyn Faulkner Executive DirectorOur long-term plan is to develop its first micro-community for adult pregnant women and their children! Our plan is to create a community that will provide tiny-homes, a community center, training facility, family garden, and child’s playscape! We need your help. Please prayerfully consider a donation towards making this dream a reality!

And a big thank you to the entire WMUZ Radio Church Family for your continued support!

— Carolyn Faulkner

Executive Director of Abigayle Ministries

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